Beautiful Bedding


I’m taking a little break from our standard reviews and bedding news today to provide you with a personal anecdote. This story is fairly short, and just details the disasters

If you’re in the market for foam bedding, you might want to wait another 6 months or a year. Suppliers across the industry are reporting short term supply shortages of

We talked about gel bedding a few weeks ago as we contemplated its place in the market. Would it be the direction that bedrooms moved in as time went on?

If you were interested in Martha Stewart bedding, you had to go to Macy’s. It was as simple as that since 2006 when Macy’s entered an exclusive deal with the

One topic that hasn’t come up much on the site, but is a recurring topic with friends is bed bugs. The way these creatures can quickly spread and are almost

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’ve been getting a lot of emails about different articles surrounding the holiday. “The ten best Valentines Day bedding ideas” or “Beautiful bedding for Valentines Day,”

For Connecticut residents, Better Bedding is an iconic name that’s been seen all around the state for years. Founded in 1976 by John Wholley Sr, Better Bedding operated ten stores

With the holiday, we’re taking a break from our usual write ups to look at things in a different light. Rather than focus on commercial products and review a variety