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How Clutter Stresses Your Bedroom and How to Fix It

We’ve had a few articles lately that have shifted away from bedding and into the bigger picture of the bedroom. We figure a good bedding set doesn’t survive on its own, and instead, is a product of the entire area around it. With a well decorated room and good color choices, the sum can be much greater than the parts and your room can become an oasis. One way in which your bedroom can sour the mood is with a lot of clutter. Clutter can come in a variety of different styles, but no matter how it appears, it always manages to bring stress with it.

One of the first ways you’ll see clutter is as stuff on the floor. Shoes, clothes, bags, maybe even empty plates of food will be placed on the floor around your bedroom as you get ready for bed at night. Depending how much you use your bedroom, it can quickly become a graveyard for past distractions. These items on the ground can make your bedroom very stressful as you try and walk to the bathroom in the dark and find yourself stepping on everything and anything, breaking things in the process. The best way I’ve found to cut down on this clutter is with a plan of attack. When it comes to your clothes, they either need to be put in your laundry hamper or laundry room before bed, or in the morning as you’re preparing for your day. A consistent schedule will keep the stuff to a minimum and prevent the snowball effect of it growing every day.

I get stressed just looking at it.

Another common form of clutter is found on your dressers, and sometimes even within them. In these places, people will often have a number of pictures of family, as well as possible jewelry boxes and other belongings. I make the mistake of reviewing my mail in the bedroom and so, I’ll often have envelopes strewn about my dressers. I often recommend a minimalist approach to your dressers. You don’t need to have a hundred pictures on your bed stand, or a basket every inch or two. The fewer things on the dresser, the easier it is to appreciate the space. Likewise, establishing an organized place for everything will help you know where to put it.

Finally, you don’t need so many objects in your bedroom. My mother-in-law is constantly harassing me that I need more dressers in my bedroom, that we don’t have enough nightstands. It seems like she wants us to constantly put more stuff in the space, and frankly, it doesn’t need it. The more objects you have in your bedroom, the less space you’ll have to move around and you’ll quickly feel like the space is closing in on you. The more space you have to put stuff, the more stuff you’ll find you have to put there.

Of course, if you simply have too much stuff, there are a number of ways you can tweak your bed to allow greater space to reduce clutter. Raised beds and storage beds are an effective way to get more mileage out of your bedroom as they allow you to push clutter into drawers under your bed, or simply push stuff under and hide it with a bed skirt. I’m not a fan of these types of designs, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Overall, I’m a fan of a minimalist approach around the bedroom. You don’t need to fill the space with decorations, and you don’t need to live in the bedroom full time. If you can limit the space to only the things you truly need, and can keep a system going as to where you keep it, you’ll have a bedroom that is clutter-free, and also stress-free. What do you do to keep your bedroom organized?

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