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Laura Ashley Marabel Quilt Review

For a long time, it seemed like getting a nice modern quilt was impossible. There weren’t many mainstream stores that made quilts and when you found them, they were rarely from the big brands. Today, that has changed, and one designer that has put out a number of quilts is the Laura Ashley bedding line. We recently took a look at the Laura Ashley Marabel quilt and wanted to give our readers some insight into the design and how people felt about it.

The Marabel quilt is almost hard for me to describe. The quilt’s wide array of colors makes it look like a broken television screen from a distance. Up close, the design reveals that its actually a floral pattern which fits with Laura Ashley’s standard designs, but it’s hard to see from afar. The bombardment of different shades of blue mix in a noisy fashion with the pinks, greens and purples that stand alongside them. The quilt is reversible with the backside supplanting the soft blues with darker purples.

In terms of the measurements, this quilt comes in at 68 X 88 inches for the twin size. The full/queen variation is 90 X 90 inc

Up close, the Marabel bedding set is beautiful. From afar? Not so much.

hes, while the king size is 104 inches by 96 inches. Pricewise, these quilts are fairly affordable, listing at 80, 100 and 130 dollars respectively at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They are machine washable, and made from 100% cotton.

We only found one review on the set at Amazon, where the quilt was given four out of five stars. Overall, the purchaser was happy as the fabric felt great and the size was just right for her bed. However, she wasn’t as happy with the floral pattern, and that’s an area that concerns me as well. I think the ultimate problem is that this set just doesn’t photograph well and really needs to be seen from up close. However, is this how you want your set to be? A set should really be able to stand on its own no matter where you look at it.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with the Marabel quilt from Laura Ashley. I think the set had a good idea, but ultimately, the execution is a bit flawed. Still, reserve your judgement, see this set in person, and then decide what you think of it. This looks like a case where pictures really don’t do a set justice. For our visitors, have you seen this set or bought it yourself? Do you think we’re being too harsh on it? Let us know!

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