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Tracking Down Hillcrest Bedding Sets

Hillcrest bedding is a brand that has been around for a number of years, but has unfortunately become very hard to find in recent times. I’m not sure what caused the recent disappearance (did the company go out of business?) but as a whole, it’s incredibly difficult to find information, or products sold under the Hillcrest name. Still, we’ll try our best to piece things together from what we’re able to find. Any visitors who are able to share more info, please leave a comment and we’ll update the article accordingly.

When looking at Hillcrest bedding, the first thing to notice is that the company had products across every sector. They had options available for both children and adults making them a popular line for the whole family. They built a reputation with one market, and then utilized this presence to get embedded in everybody’s household with these different lines.

While Hillcrest kids bedding is on Amazon, it's harder to find more of their adult options.

For children, the popular Hillcrest bedding lines included the Princess Sheet Fairy Set, pirate bedding, March of the Dinosaurs, and an All Sports bedding set. The main features of these different styles offered by Hillcrest is a simple pattern of characters or designs that are then printed across the entire set. On another children’s set, Hillcrest Fire Engine bedding, you can see a line of different fire trucks depicted in lines.

When it came to adult sets, I’ve only been able to find a few different comforters from Hillcrest, but they both were very good looking. The company’s Paradise Bird set features an artsy pattern with thin flowers rising up along the comforter. Their Chic Jeypore design offered an elegant looking split of green rising diamonds and a white base. The company also had a number of overwhelming floral designs that filled the entire comforter with their pattern.

When it comes to finding Hillcrest bedding, I’ve had trouble locating it in stores. I believe I’ve seen a few of their sets at Homegoods, but otherwise, it doesn’t seem like any bedding stores carry their products. However, if you’re looking online, Amazon has a wide selection of kids Hillcrest bedding sets. For more adult styles, you’re most likely to find one that interests you on eBay as they carry a large selection of Hillcrest sets.

Overall, Hillcrest bedding is a bit of a mystery to me. I wasn’t able to find information on the original manufacturer of the designs and the sets aren’t carried in stores. I find some of their comforters for adults to look really nice, while their kids sets seem a little uninspired. Does anyone know more about this company? Where have they gone to?

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